Do You Even Bootcamp!?

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Our mission is to enable as many people as possible to experience the health and social benefits of a bootcamp community.

Our Bootcamp Clubs


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The physical and mental health improvements that our club members get is our first community benefit! Fees generated from memberships help fund many others…

Our Social Enterprise

In 2023 we are reaching further, removing barriers, and helping more people find their happy place in our bootcamp world! As a social enterprise, we invest the profit we generate back into the people within our communities*. This means that your membership fees are directly benefiting your people, in your local community, in the following ways:

Health and Fitness

Our exceptional team of energetic and passionate trainers help you to get fitter, be healthier, and live happier! Regular exercise is a highly recommended part of treatment for mood disorders, sleep challenges, and low energy. The members at our welcoming clubs will quickly help you to feel part of the crew.  #bettertogether

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Many of our team are new to the fitness industry or have experienced challenges working in other environments. Others just love what we do and want to be part of it! We specialise in giving employment opportunities to people recovering from mental health and addiction challenges. Our people greatly value the wraparound support we offer.

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Training and Mentoring

We provide training, assessment, mentoring, and a wealth of resources to help people build the confidence, skills, and knowledge required to be a successful bootcamp instructor and business leader. We specialise in bringing these opportunities to people recovering from mental health and addiction challenges.

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* Our Clarkson and Ocean Reef clubs are operating as social enterprises.